SPARK is a grass roots multi-site equipping retreat that began in 2011 by two Indiana Church of the Nazarene districts partnering together. The following year, all four Indiana districts partnered together. Fast-forward 10 years: we now have 16 different SPARKs in 16 regions of the USA and Canada. In 2021, we are excited to add SPARK in New Mexico and Northern California.

SPARK is a 3 day/2 night retreat for Local Children’s Leaders at Camp and Conference Centers. What can you expect at this retreat? Leadership development, connect with others, and learn together for a low cost. Each year, we are reminded that we are one team from different cities and on different districts, but all called to serve God, children and their families.

SPARK 2021 will be online with 2 dates!
During this pandemic we have learned to plan and be prepared for a possible change. Over the past 11 months, we have experienced this in our ministry multiple times as we're sure you have.
We did a survey, prayed, and made a plan. However, it has become clear we need to change direction. SPARK 2021 will be online only with 2 options - March 6 and April 24. We are excited also to offer a Pre-SPARK VBS Preview on March 5 and April 23! For more details, click "Register Here Today" for the SPARK::Online date that works best for you.

Informational Flyer and Schedule

Breakout Sessions

-Can I participate in both SPARK::Online options? Yes, we would love to see you in March and April!
-What about the SPARKs planned for the Fall? They are still planned to be onsite.
-What are the breakout sessions? Breakout Information Here
-Who are the VBS providers for the preview? Church of the Nazarene SDMI, Cokesbury, Go! Curriculum, and Group Publishing

Upcoming Locations

For Adults Serving in Ministry

SPARK::OnlineMarch 6, 2021OnlineRegister Here Today
SPARK::OnlineApril 24, 2021OnlineRegister Here Today
SPARK::Great LakesOctober 22-24, 2021Howell, MIRegistration Opens 08.01.21
SPARK::CentralNovember 4-6, 2021IllinoisRegistration Opens 08.01.21



Dr. David Roland

Former District Superintendent - Northeastern Indiana District Church of the Nazarene

I have observed a remarkable fresh outlook and confidence in children's workers who have attended SPARK each year. SPARK has been a great benefit for us, Indianapolis, Northwest Indiana and Southwest Indiana Districts as we partner together. It has brought a team spirit between the districts, served as a great encouragement to children's workers in the local church, and is full of creative ideas to build on in their local church. SPARK will have a great benefit for your district and local children's workers and their ministry.

SPARK Participant

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! When I got here I was not sure I was going to stay a Children's Pastor, but God has met me in a BIG way. I am refreshed, renewed, refocused, redirected and ready to move forward with new insight, new vision, new goals and lots of hugs from Jesus (with skin on). Thank you for this weekend. Signed - a weary warrior who received rest and relaxation and is ready for battle!!

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