Breakout Sessions


PHILIP & STACEY ALLRED - March 6 and April 24
Speakers and Consultants
The Allreds
Imagining Intergenerational Worship Gatherings
Explore ways to allow all generations to come together to learn and grow WITH one another and FROM one another. We must discover how to be intentional and appreciate the gifts that each age group offers.

District Children's Director - Northeastern Indiana
District Children's Director - Canada West
Innovative & Fun Ways to do Nazarene Safe Training
Abuse awareness and prevention is a heavy and serious topic for training; which makes it hard for people to want to attend. However, because it is also essential, we have figured out a few ways to make it fun and even get people excited about attending! This session will give you several ideas to put a little party in your planning!

JAY & TAMMY DAUGHTRY - March 6 and April 24
CoParenting International
Single Parent & Step Parent Strategies That Protect the Hearts of Children
Practical ideas to help parents navigate complex family dynamics. In this session, we will discuss the lingo and logistics of complex families and how to be compassionate and strategic in supporting them in their real lives. Each attendee will be given a free PDF bundle to use with single parents, step parents and leaders from the "One Heart, Two Homes" resource. We will equip you to be a wealth of knowledge even if you have never lived in a complex family.

DIENNA GOSCHA - March 6 and April 24
Sojourn Women
Restoring Our Souls
During this unusual time, it's important that we take care of ourselves so we can take care of others. Explore some rhythms and practices that create space for soul care.

Curriculum Director
Randall House
Simple Ways to Inspire Interest as You Teach
Effectiveness of teaching can have more to do with the philosophy of teaching than it does the methods implemented. There is an abundance of educational psychology strategies we can examine. Some align with a biblical worldview and others do not. As ministry leaders you must intentionally create an atmosphere that stimulates inner motivation and inspires learning. This session explores practical and philosophical suggestions to help teachers make a bigger impact and encourage response and application from the students. A teacher’s knowledge of content and time spent on preparation doesn’t matter if the students are not encouraged and inspired to choose to learn.

Partner Communications Specialist
Preparing Families to Transition Back to Church
While the pandemic quickly turned church "off" for many of our communities, bringing families back won't be a simple as turning the switch back "on". So, how do we help families transition back to church? In this session, we will unpack the meaningful journey you can walk with your church community to bring them back to church!

RON HUNTER - March 6
D6 Family
Developing Meaningful and Influential Conversations with Your Kids
The single biggest gap in discipleship today is heartfelt conversations between parents and kids. As ministry leaders, you must equip parents to have a substantive dialogue. Parents of preschoolers and early elementary age have no problems talking to the curious tiny humans God gave them, but conversations during those teenage years become strained or even non-existent. This session will identify seven barriers in communication and provide the meaningful conversation formula TALK ABE that is not only easy but memorable. Parents cannot disciple kids without a relationship, and relationship cannot occur without meaningful conversation. It’s time to reconnect!

Children's Minister
Child's Heart 83
Reaching Kids in a Digital Age
Do you feel like you’re losing the war to capture the hearts and minds of the digital-natives in your kidmin? In this session, learn how to effectively leverage digital technology to reach the children in your children’s church and weekly programming post-Covid19.

BRITTANY NELSON - March 6 and April 24
Founder and Creator
Deeper Kidmin
First First Impression: Your Online Presence
That title wasn’t a typo. There’s a new first impression that visitors have of your ministry, and they see it before they even walk through your doors: your online presence. We’ll discuss ideas for evaluating your website as well as share social media strategies that improve engagement and reach to help you make the best first impression.

MARY SIMS - March 6 and April 24
Group Publishing
Age-Level Insights For Spiritual Development In Early Childhood
The first five years of a child’s life are the most crucial when it comes to development. Researchers say that intellectual development is half over by age five. We’ll explore how teaching the Bible to young children is a top priority for spiritual formation. You’ll better understand the kids you serve and gain practical ideas for sharing Jesus in ways that connect perfectly with each child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development.

KAYLA SMITH - March 6 and April 24
Whole Child Ministry
[email protected]
Whole Child Worship: Leading Children in Multidimensional Engagement with God
When we give children the tools and opportunity to engage with God with their whole beings, we can witness their connection with God and the Church grow and flourish. We draw from Luke 10:27 to help children’s leaders and pastors build powerful worship experiences that engage the heart, soul, mind, strength, and relationships of our kids.

SHAUN STEVENSON - March 6 and April 24
Pastor to Kids
Gallatin First Church of the Nazarene
Fun in a Socially-Distanced Children's Ministry
How do you make sure kids stay socially distanced, but still have fun discovering the Savior? In this breakout, we’ll talk strategies and creative ideas on how to incorporate activities and fun while still following social distancing guidance.

DOROTHY WHIPP - March 6 and April 24
Executive Pastor
Edmond First Church of the Nazarene
Helping Quizzing be a Discipleship Tool
We all need one more tool in our box to help us partner with parents to make disciples of our youngest friends. Let's talk Quizzing and see how that can help us on our journey.

MICHAYLA WHITE - March 6 and April 24
Executive Director
International Network of Children's Ministry
Sabbath Keeping for Leaders
Leaders are recognizing their pace in this world is not sustainable, and many express they are hungering for more of God's presence. It is no wonder the practice of Sabbath is getting increasing attention today. But what is sabbath, really? What does Scripture have to say about it? What did Jesus think about Sabbath? What did the apostles do with Sabbath and where does it fit today in our lives and leadership? Join Michayla White, a Jewish believer in Jesus the Messiah, as she unpacks the Sabbath in a conversation from a biblical, culturally Jewish perspective.