Tell the Story


A simple, interactive method for teaching and discipleship of all ages.

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Tell THE Story is a simple, interactive method for telling a Bible story accurately. After the story, listeners engage in the story by responding to open ended questions. Together the group discovers deep truths as each person shares their perspective. This method boosts the level of engagement of participants and retention of God’s Word. Tell THE Story can be used with children, youth and/or adults. This is a tool for Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, Bible study leaders, pastors and anyone who teaches God’s Word.

Candice is a Certified StoryTeller and StoryTrainer with Tell THE Story. She would love to come to your area and train your team in the art of storytelling.



Ray Neu

Director of Orality Coaching at Spoken Worldwide

Jesus told stories that captured people's attention and imagination. Those stories come alive again through Candice Books. Candice has a way of telling and guiding others to examine the story that hooks people and draws them right in - all the way to the feet of Jesus! Her attention to detail, to Scripture and ability to follow the Spirit combine to create wonderful story telling sessions. You'll love participating whenever you hear Candice Tell THE Story! Check out Spoken WorldWide here.

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